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iScreenAds is a company, using the latest in digital advertising technology to help promote your business, local charities and good causes.


Our team will ensure you have full support through the entire program. From press releases, to creating your marketing needs. iScreenAds offer a range of high quality digital displays for business-to-business use, all this is for FREE. We at iScreen would like to support a charity or local community that is close to you, for example iScreenAds ensure that 10% of all income goes to whoever you want, including charities, local sports clubs, local schools and Education Centre’s.


This is a time when great partnerships in business are created, a time for business to work together through digital advertising, building long term relationships through state of the art digital technology.

Our experienced sales team will negotiate all advertising costs with advertisers and ensure your iScreen display works for you; to increase staff awareness, product sales and the knowledge of being at the forefront of digital advertising. They will take you through every step of your experience with us.


iScreenAds digital signage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  For your opportunity to receive the latest technology, FREE, installed for FREE, with no hidden charges please contact us today.

Our displays are state of the art digital adverting screens to suit all locations and applications. We have a wide range of digital monitors from stand alone screens, wall mount screens, to video wall displays. We also supply our a range out outdoor screens. iScreens are user friendly, we offer a ‘plug and play’ system, which requires just one iScreen and a memory stick to get you started. We also offer our network system, which allows you to connect with all screens through our network media player, allowing full control over all screens through one computer.


We would like to welcome you join us in this great advertising digital venture. Your company will be placed at the forefront of technology with this fantastic opportunity to improve business to business relationship.  give useful and relevant information to staff and clients, but most of all support a charity or organization in the local community without having to do any of the work, its ALL done for you from hardware, to getting the adverts on the screen, to giving the money to your chosen organization.


If you want the opportunity to join this great venture, please contact us today at; sales@iscreenads.co.uk


Any queries or concerns?

Please email us at sales@iscreenads.co.uk or use our contact form.

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